When in the fight against surgical sponges,
count on us to count what matters.

The SurgiCount System identifies and accounts for each uniquely-coded sponge in real time. This gives you 100% confidence that sponges counted out are the exact ones counted in, reducing the risk of false-correct counts, which several studies show are a factor in retained sponges.1, 7, 20, 21 Our digital ledger gives you real-time reconciliations throughout the case, plus permanent database metrics for additional post-op accounting, compliance and reporting.

Competitive Comparison
  • Designed for precise identification and accounting
  • Unique barcodes account for the status of each sponge at any point in time
  • Prohibits duplicate counts of the same sponge or counting random sponges unrelated to the procedure
  • Documents sponges intentionally left as wound packing, and triggers automatic email notifications to staff leaders for follow up
  • Detection standards exceed the mandated barium strip to also include radiopaque threading sewn across the entire length or width
  • Wireless counter attaches to I.V. pole, eliminating cord trip hazard
Competitive Comparison
  • Operates throughout the entire case to reduce variability and miscommunication that can occur during staff changes, interruptions or other distractions
  • Process fits seamlessly with existing manual count workflow suggested by AORN5
  • Adds only one second to mean count time (mean, 5 seconds to 4 for a non-barcoded sponge), but no increase in overall case length since activities are done in parallel2
  • Doesn’t require added capital or disposable costs for detection mats, detection wands and sterile wand sleeves; and avoids associated medical waste
  • ID-based count reconciliation can eliminate added steps for detection or searching
Competitive Comparison
  • Case data automatically downloads into the SurgiCount360 database on Cloud or LAN system
  • Virtually unlimited custom reports; from individual cases to aggregate data at the hospital, hospital system or IDN/group level
  • Demonstrates compliance to hospital and third-party best practices
  • Supports external audits with evidence-based outcomes data
  • Generates actionable data for internal quality initiatives, outcomes percentages, issues resolution or performance optimization
  • Yields objective metrics for inventory, purchasing, budget and staff planning
Since 2009:
200 million Safety-Sponge products used
11 million procedures
0 retained sponges



  • 60% of U.S. News & World Report’s top 10 Honor Roll Hospitals use the SurgiCount System to protect their patients.15

  • “The data-matrix system caused no work-flow disruptions or increases in case duration.”2
    Robert Cima, M.D., M.A, Mayo Clinic

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