Accounting for your
surgical sponges.

We’ve taken our SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System to the next level with our new, user-friendly SurgiCount Tablet interface with expanded capabilities. The result? More power and protection in your fight against retained surgical sponges with less effort.

SurgiCount tablet
  • Intuitive, user-friendly tablet technology
  • WiFi capability with real-time data transfer to server (or send via hard-wired docking)
  • Secure cloud-based server/storage
  • Admin portal for password-protected, VPN access from any onsite or remote computer
  • Tablet self-reconciliation with option to capture through SurgiCount360 software, customizable for post-op compliance/reporting
SurgiCount tablet


  • Interactive touch screen
  • Large 10″ screen display
  • More menu options per screen
  • Slip-in battery slot for recharge without shut down or hot swap
  • Wound-pack reconciliation/closing review
    • Notes the time, type and ID of each sponge retained
    • Communicates data to all tablets within the same account so retained sponge data will display in any O.R. when the patient ID is scanned
    • Triggers wound pack email notifications to key hospital staff
    • Updates packed sponge counts over time for those removed or added during recovery or other procedures
    • Transmits and logs a final reconciliation to the Cloud database for a permanent record of complete removal


SurgiCount tablet


  • Process fits seamlessly with existing manual count workflow suggested by AORN 5
  • Unique barcode ID on every sponge/towel for 100% identification accuracy; sponges counted out are the exact ones counted in
  • Digital ledger gives you real-time reconciliations throughout the case
  • Prohibits duplicate counts of the same sponge or counting random sponges unrelated to the procedure
  • Adds only one second to mean count time (mean, 5 seconds to 4 for a non-barcoded sponge), but no increase in overall case length since activities are done in
    parallel 2
  • 1-step set up and turnover
  • ID-based count reconciliation can eliminate added steps for detection or searching


SurgiCount tablet
  • Encrypted data while:
    • In transit: HTTPS traffic encrypted by signed SSL certificate from trusted certificate authority
    • At rest: Data stored in encrypted database
  • Patient identifiers are obscured prior to encrypted transmission and storage
  • Mobile device management system:
    • Kiosk mode limits user access to sponge counting application only
    • Prevents installation of unapproved software on tablet
    • Two-step authentication ensures tablet connectivity to correct database
    • Password protection ability if tablet is lost or stolen
    • Data is stored and accessible in SOC 2 certified cloud enviroment
SurgiCount tablet
  • 88% of retained sponge cases had a false correct count1

  • “When the count is performed manually, it leaves the door open for simple human error. We haven’t seen a single surgically retained item since implementation.”4
    Valerie Marsh, RN, MSN, University of Michigan Health System

If you are currently using a SurgiCount scanner model and you are interested in upgrading or need assistance, please click here.
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